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Handshakes……u always gotta work on your handshakes…

Attacking the Basket 

Michael Jordan

  • One of the many things that make MJ the GOAT is that he worked to be the absolute best finisher in and around the rim, to the point where it seemed effortless and automatic. 
  • Eyes rarely leaving the target, always steps ahead, footwork, spins, jumping off either foot, finishing with either had, touch off the glass, or dunking on your head. The combination of pure fundamentals and ultimate athleticism left perimeters defenders and bigs alike helpless.


Scottie Pippen

  • What made Pip such an amazing defender, along with his body type and athleticism, was his commitment to hard work, fundamentals and sacrificing for his team.
  • Aggressive anticipation, active hands, staying big and long, feet always moving, and never giving up on plays, it’s easy to see why he could take over games with his defence and he’s known as one of the very best defenders ever.

Post Moves


Pick & Roll


Ankle Joint Flossing