Friday Nights from 8:45-10:45pm at Calgary Central Sportsplex

Check us out every Friday from 8:45-10:45pm at our new location, Calgary central Sportsplex, where they live and breathe the sport we love, basketball. An awesome facility in Calgary, just off Memorial Drive and 36th st NE, and the perfect place to grow our Community of Love & Basketball. 401 33 St NE #8, Calgary, AB T2A 7R3

On-Court Rules

1. Have fun, play hard, and leave happier and healthier than you came in. 2. Check ball up top for any subs, fouls or any frontcourt stoppages in play + 1 pass off the top off a check ball. 3. Self-Reffing rules - Offence calls fouls, any disputes, shoot for it and please move on, excessive negative behaviour will result in strikes.

Player Awards

One of the ways we promote our culture is through our monthly Player Awards. They are based on our Core Values: Growth, Excellence, Leadership, (GEL) throughout the community. We also have 3 nightly awards: Hardest Working Player, Mamba Mentality, and the Top Team Award

A great community of players

We are a growing community of basketball players, united by our love of the game with the common goal of playing hard, having fun, improving, and leaving happier and healthier than we came in.


Our aim is to bring people together, be a positive force, and build a stronger, healthier community though Love & Basketball