The Run YYC


(Why do we do what we do?)

At The Run you’re always playing on home court, you’re always playing with friends, and it’s all about just getting back to playing the game we love, basketball.

No more showing up to empty gyms, no more wasting time arguing about calls. We’re bringing the fun back to playing.


(How do we do it?)

Through our culture. At The Run, it’s common to hear people from all teams cheering for you: the one you’re on, the one you’re playing against, and the one that’s sitting off.

It’s also just as common for those same players to be coming at you to score a bucket, block your shot, or try and lock you down.

It’s a culture of fun, community, hard work, and competition. We show up each time out to play the game we love, learn and improve as individuals, and share the path with a like minded crew.


(What do we do?)

-Drop-in to an organized, 5v5, full court game every week.

-18 players max/ 3 teams

-We track your stats and highlights.

-Monthly player awards. 

-We host social events to bring our community together

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