• Love the game
  • Always work to improve, be open-minded and communicate often with your teammates
  • Keep it cool and don’t be shy to cheer from the sidelines. At The Run you’re playing and competing with friends
  • Be supportive and respect the person playing next to you.


  • Keep the game flowing and respect all calls made by the other team.
  • Offence calls fouls. Any disputes, foul caller shoots for the ball
  • Zero tolerance for disrespect or complaints. Excessive behaviour will result in strikes.
  • 3 Strikes = Suspension

Gameplay Rules

  • We cap at 18 players each Run
  • Teams are created by order of arrival and position
  • Teams must sub evenly among themselves
  • Games are scored straight to 12: by 2’s and 3’s
  • Pass off the top from a checked ball

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