Rules & Regulations

All rules MUST be read and understood by each & every player BEFORE game time. All players will must sign and submit a waiver before the first game.

  1. The tournament committee makes all final decisions concerning all grievances; i.e. protests, eligibility, etc.
  1. The entry fee is $2500.00 due May 1st; a deposit of $500 is required to hold your spot for the tournament before this final date.

Make Cheque or Money Order payable to:


Send to: The SHFT INC.

  1. The first 8 teams that place a deposit will be accepted.
  1. No team shall have a player roster of more than 15 players or less than 10.
  1. Competition will be double elimination. Forfeit counts as one game.
  1. Roster must be submitted to the tournament committee before April 1st/2016. No modifications after the first game. This is to ensure ample time for jersey creation.
  1. A team will be charged with a forfeit if it uses an ineligible player that is not on the roster. The team manager is responsible for ensuring the eligibility & signatures of all players on the team. To avoid unnecessary forfeit please allow time before your first scheduled game to make sure the roster is signed by all the players on your team.
  1. Destruction or damage of property will be severely punished by proper authorities. The player and team will pay for damages and will automatically be eliminated from the tournament.
  1. No player shall play for more than one team during the tournament. If this rule is violated, all relevant games will be forfeited and will result in a loss for any team associated with this player. If teams are seeking temporary substitutes for roster players who are in transit, please speak with tournament officials.
  1. Team captains/managers are the voice of their team and are responsible for their team’s conduct. If any player or spectator appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the tournament committee/game officials have the right to expel them from any game and/or tournament and bar him/her from the gyms. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  1. Game Time & Time Outs:
  • Games time = 48 minutes, divided into four quarters at 12 minutes each.
  • Time out = 3 time outs per game. The clock will be stopped for time outs, which will be one minute in duration. Half time will be five minutes long.
  • Quarter breaks will be 2 minutes long.

Time will run continuously throughout, except for the last two minutes of each quarter. During the final two minutes of each quarter the clock will be stopped for all fouls and ball out situations.

  1. Each game will start with a jump ball at center court. Each possession thereafter will be alternated. The official scorekeeper will keep track of the possession arrow.
  1. Teams will be allowed 5 team fouls before entering the bonus situations.
  1. Game time is forfeit time! (A five minute grace period will be given).
  1. Official scorekeeper must be notified before a substitution can be made, which will be allowed on all dead ball situations.
  1. Players wearing glasses are advised to wear a protector or have shatterproof lenses.
  1. Removable jewelry may not be worn during the game, nor hats or headgear that hangs below the collar (officials’ discretion).
  1. All players must wear gym shoes and matching jerseys when playing. A fine of $35 will be implemented if a player is not wearing matching jerseys.
  1. A technical foul will be assessed if the player’s numbers are not visible to the officials (referee & scoring officials).
  1. A three point shot rule is in effect. On the line does not count as a three pointer.
  1. If you choose to dunk then it is your responsibility to pay for the rim or backboard if it is broken or shattered. The basketball committee will not be held responsible for the damage cost. Dunking will be allowed during play only.
  1. A flagrant/technical foul will result in a player’s dismissal from the game until a $50 fine is paid before the player is allowed back into the game. The $50 fine is due before the team’s next game or the player will be eliminated for the duration of the tournament. A player who commits two flagrant/technical fouls will be suspended from the tournament.
  1. Fighting by any individual (either on or off the court) will result in the individuals involved being ejected from the game and gymnasium; a 2nd altercation from any team member from the previously penalized team(s) will result in that team’s removal from the tournament.
  1. The officials will only refer to the official scorekeepers and timekeepers of the game at hand.
  1. Scorekeepers, timekeepers and/or officials are allowed to give out technical fouls for any taunting or foul language by members of the team or their respective spectators.
  1. The team will be held responsible for their fans’ negative comments or actions towards the officials and committee members.
  1. Calling any of the officials, timekeepers, scorekeepers, or any member of the basketball committee insulting names will not be tolerated and will result in a technical foul.
  1. Only estimated times will be given on the bracket for the game time. In case of forfeit or other circumstances teams are asked to be in the gym one hour before their own (unless they play the first game of the day, so that we can keep the games going). Remember, the game time is forfeit time. So again, to avoid necessary forfeits, please be in the gym a game before your own.
  1. If player(s) are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must sign the release form.
  1. Teams cannot have 3 or more players that are currently playing or have played NCAA Division I or II college basketball in the last 4 years. Teams will be asked to reduce or change rosters otherwise will be eliminated from the tournament.