Covid-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Pre-Screening

All players at The RUN should proactively and regularly monitor for symptoms. Symptomatic individuals are prohibited from participating. We will be asking everyone to complete a short screening survey before playing.

General Infection Prevention Measures

As per Alberta guidelines regarding sports/activities that involve shared equipment (e.g., basketballs), we will be disinfecting high-touch surfaces (scorer’s table, game ball) between games. We will have hand sanitizer available at the scorer’s table and encourage players to use it between games and refrain (to the extent possible) from touching their eyes, nose, mouth and face during activities.


Participants are strongly encouraged to wear masks when they are not engaging in intense physical activity, and mask are required to be worn at all times in the hallways at Genesis Centre.

  • Masks should not be worn during intense physical activity.
  • Masks and face shields cannot be assured to stay in place.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that wearing a mask during high intensity activity could have negative health effects.


Spectators will not be allowed to sit on the sidelines, and must sit above the court in the bleacher area. It is strongly recommended that spectators wear masks and maintain physical distancing. Cohorts We encourage people to be mindful of their cohorts as it relates to playing basketball at The RUN. Alberta Health Services recommends limiting cohorts to no more than 3: your household, your school, and one other sport or social group (young children in child care can be part of 4 cohorts). At The RUN we will limiting our player pool to the 50-person maximum. This includes any organizers and players who consistently and routinely engage with participants at a distance of less than 2 metres.

Record Keeping, Public Health Contact Tracing and Privacy

As per AHS requirements, we will be recording the names of all individuals in each game to assist AHS should an individual test positive for COVID-19 and contact tracing is necessary.

Players are under no obligation to inform The RUN or other players of:

  • the reason for missing a practice or game,
  • if they are pursuing COVID-19 testing, or
  • the results of a COVID-19 test.