The Run would like to congratulate all of our winners!  The 3 individual monthly awards are aimed to grow Our Core Values of ExcellenceGrowth and Leadership within our community. 

Monthly Awards

Player of the Month:

  • our Excellence award. Given to the player that has had an extraordinary month in terms of their ability  

Most Improved Player:

  • our Growth award. Given to the player that has strived the most to improve their game the past month

Teammate of the Month:

  • our Leadership award. Given to the player that exemplifies leadership through communication, sportsmanship and support. 


Only Punchcard Members are eligible for monthly awards.  Members must play a minimum of 75% of the games in the given month to be eligible for each award.   Members will vote each month for the winner of each award. 

Current Award Winners
Co-Ed League

Player of Month – Queen Calaro

Most Improved Player – Erika Munar

Teammate of the Month – Barbara Chan

Men’s League

Player of Month – Julian Guimpaya

Most Improved Player – Buk Tran

Teammate of the Month – Danny Kim

Previous Award Winners